Sometimes before you believe the dream can be possible

you have to hear it from others.

Let’s Talk About Pete…

  • Pete Hajjar is a tremendous help. I can rely on his perspective that is direct and to the point. I have greatly profited both personally and financially from taking time in consultation with Pete. If you have an opportunity to work with him, I highly recommend you do so.

    Jon Copeland
    Owner, Green Cat Construction and Maintenance
  • Here are the Top 3 Reasons that we at Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co. feel that Pete Hajjar is a great mentor:

    1. He offers experienced and current business advice.
    2. He is proactive in helping us expand our network.
    3. He is constantly proposing cost effective strategies, which are improving our efficiency and increasing our profits.
    Kirk Harris
    Owner, Kaptain Kirk Clothing Co
  • Pete has been a great mentor over the years. Our business is in its 21st year and we’re still learning. He’s helped our company grow and make our company more efficient, which in return has produced more profit. Pete is a brilliant man and has a lot of knowledge on all aspects of a business. Keep up the good work.

    Stephen Merritt
    Owner, Merritt Enterprises
  • Pete has been really helpful to me. What I like about Pete as a business coach is that he is professional and full of experience. He is not teaching a thing he hasn’t applied or practiced himself. He has been there, done it.

    Pete helped me with action plans for my marketing and administrative procedures; a plan to keep a focused goal in sight and steps to get me there.

    Pete understands that the procedures are not the same for all businesses and business owners. He quickly observed that for me I would do better networking, physically putting myself out there meeting people because that’s what would work for me as marketing vehicle. His advice is spot on. I continue to add profitable new clients month after month.

    T. Oros
    Owner, GP&H Financial Services
  • Peter J. Hajjar was a Keynote Speaker during our Small Business Forum and B2B Expo, a major component of the 3-day 3rd Annual Entrepreneurship and Small Business Summit (ESBS), which was held on May 19-21, 2016. Mr. Hajjar’s message to an audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business professionals made a significant impact on those who related to his story of personal sacrifice, determination while fighting to overcome numerous challenges and perseverance.

    His value-added message offered encouragement and strategies for small business owners, who, not only listened to his message, but also sought him afterward to ask critical follow-up questions and acquire additional insight. Several attendees contacted me a few weeks subsequently for additional consulting to adjust strategies and implement new pathways for business growth.

    I highly recommend Peter J. Hajjar for speaking engagements and keynote addresses at business events, and would request his participation in our future business summits.

    Austin E. Thompson, Jr., MBA, MPM
    Thompson Management Consulting Founder & Chair, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Summit