Marketing and Sales Excellence

Marketing and Sales Excellence is crucial to a company’s growth but, it is also one of the largest expenses for a company’s budget. Not getting marketing and sales correct can quickly drain an operations’ budget and leave company owners frustrated.

Often approached as an exercise in fishing, many companies literally throw their marketing nets out into the sea hoping for a big bite from anything in the market. The problem is that often they don’t even know their target market much less the best marketing tools to use.

There is nothing that can be more draining than repeatedly not meeting your business’s marketing and sales goals. To successfully operate in today’s digital world requires Marketing and Sales Excellence. With a landscape as expansive as choosing the right business card layout to sales strategies, many employers simply get lost.

Pete Hajjar can provide business owners, with practical solutions for implementing Marketing and Sales Excellence to provide real ROIs that are more than casting a net. In Pete’s Marketing and Sales Excellence Seminar, he provides insights into methods that work for general practice and what strategies may require a more unique, customized approach. Through Pete’s insights, seminar attendees are given real steps in how to:

  • Accurately Assess Their Target Market
  • Build A Marketing Strategy That Fits their Individual Business
  • Choose The Best Marketing Tools For The Best ROI
  • Harness Social Media Marketing
  • Increase Lead Generation
  • Make More Sales

Business Owners and Professionals seeking to up their marketing and sales game will find Pete Hajjar’s Marketing and Sales Excellence Seminar inspiring as well as educational. With Pete’s “tell it like it is” speaking style, attendees are provided with in-depth, practical applications for marketing wisely and increasing company sales. For start-up business owners, Pete provides a common sense approach in where to spend your marketing dollars to provide the best ROI.

Encompassing over 31 years of experience with the successful start, growth and sale of four businesses—producing revenues of over $90 million, Pete Hajjar is one of the most sought-after seminar teachers for business marketing and sales.

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