Excellent Customer Service

The most common and deadliest challenge to a company’s reputation is poor customer service. Providing Excellent Customer Service is not just important, it is vital to a company’s customer loyalty and retainership. While many companies think that excellent customer service is as simple as following a phone call script or welcoming customers with a smile, it truly is so much more. And, getting it wrong can cost your big!

In the digital world, customer service has evolved to include, face-to-face, phone and social media communications. Most notable of these are the statistics of social media’s effects on the sharing of a company’s excellent customer service or, the alerting to a company’s poor performance. Known to markets as the “World of Mouth”, social media’s influence can drive customers to the door or to the street quickly.

Think of it this way, the old adage used to be that one unsatisfied customer would tell (equal) ten people. With social media, now one unsatisfied customer can tell literally hundreds of people with one easily shared post. Quickly one bad review can be read, and even worse shared, by thousands of potential customers.

So how do you take the steps to excellent customer service that solidifies your company’s good reputation and engages loyal customers? By first engaging your fellow team members to become Stakeholders.

Pete Hajjar has spent years in business perfecting a unique and thoroughly vetted Excellent Customer Service Program that provides a fully rounded view to building customer loyalty. Through Pete’s tried and true method, seminar attendees are given real steps in how to:

  • Attain Customer Loyalty
  • Build Company Stakeholders
  • Address Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Harness Social Media Engagement
  • Encourage Customer Growth

Anyone wishing to take their customer service skills to the next level will find Pete Hajjar’s Excellent Customer Service Seminar both education and entertaining. With Pete’s “tell it like it is” speaking style, attendees will be given real world, common sense solutions to not just attaining but retaining the elusive loyal customer.Providing examples of such notable companies as: Kroger, QuikTrip, Chick-Fil-A and PC EMT, Pete illustrates real-life customer solutions in action to show how those “getting it right” are doing it.

And why look to Pete? Harnessing over 31 years of experience with the successful start, growth and sale of four businesses—producing revenues of over $90 million, Pete Hajjar is one of the most sought-after seminar teachers in the business.

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