Employee Engagement and Retention

Successful companies are not built by one person alone, they require a team. Unfortunately the corporate infrastructure can sometimes lose sight of the larger picture and employee engagement and retention can become a challenge. While your company’s staffing may appear in good standing, a negative shift in morale can quickly cause an employee migration leaving your business in a bind, slowing production and risking profits.

Think about it, what would your company do if you lost one or two of your key staff members? Could your business survive if it lost a team lead who held the largest experience years and skill set? Many businesses face this same scenario on a daily basis. With up to 33% of leaders of companies with currently job hunting and 32% of employers expecting their employees to job-hop, staying less than three years, employment retention is quickly becoming a major concern for company growth.

But creating an uplifting culture that inspires employee engagement and retention can feel unattainable in the face of company management already burdened with the complexities of everyday operations. With 31 years experience and the previous ownership of four successful businesses, Pete Hajjar brings a unique perspective to Human Resources-specifically to the areas of employee engagement and retention.

Addressing in a common sense approach as only he can, Pete Hajjar can provide insights on:

  • Creating An Uplifting Culture
  • Addressing Challenges To Positive Morale
  • Inspiring A Team Spirit
  • Empowerment Through Collaborative Engagement
  • Stopping The Employee Outflow

Pete Hajjar’s Employee Engagement and Retention Seminar brings real-life solutions to companies that are in an emergency state of flux or businesses that simply want to retain their Human Capital by investing in their employees’ futures. As a savvy entrepreneur who has overseen the successful growth of his four previous companies to over $90 million in revenues, Pete Hajjar knows business and people.

If your company is ready to invest in its biggest asset, its people, as a seminar teacher Pete Hajjar can offer practical and realistic insights to meet your goals of successful employee engagement and retention in outstanding ways.

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