Seminars - For Profit and Growth

In Pete Hajjar’s one-of-a-kind seminars, small company owners and business professionals can gain the unique insights as to how to grow a business from idea to profitability, practical solutions for implementing marketing and sales excellence, and creating an uplifting culture that inspires employee engagement and retention. Check out the seminar topics below for more details:

Accelerate Your Business

Build your own business with a sound plan. Providing invaluable knowledge garnered from 31 years in the corporate business world, Pete Hajjar shares his wisdom on the practical steps to not just business ownership, but business success in his Accelerate Your Business Seminar.

Excellent Customer Service

Anyone wishing to take their customer service skills to the next level will find Pete Hajjar’s Excellent Customer Service Seminar both educational and entertaining. Attendees will be given real world solutions to attaining and retaining the elusive loyal customer.

Marketing & Sales Excellence

In Pete’s Marketing and Sales Excellence Seminar, he provides insights into methods that work for general practice as well as more customized strategies. Attendees are provided with in-depth, practical applications for marketing wisely and increasing company sales.

Employee Engagement & Retention

If your company is ready to invest in its biggest asset, its people, Pete Hajjar’s Employee Engagement and Retention Seminar can offer practical and realistic insights to meet your goals of successful team engagement and create an uplifting culture that inspires your employees.

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