The Prime Business Advisors Consulting Program

Pete Hajjar’s diverse service industry background coupled with over 31 years’ experience as a dynamic entrepreneur has made him an expert consultant. With Pete’s career encompassing the starting and selling of four successful companies, producing revenues between $1 and $63 million, he has proven he has what it takes to be a driving force in the corporate business world.

Working with all levels of the business paradigm from greenhorn entrepreneurs to large corporation leaders, Pete Hajjar has a gift for inspiring goals accomplishment and the embracement of leadership. Pete’s “tell it like it is” style is a driving force with his audience capturing attention, inspiring confidence and leading people to step out of their professional comfort zones.

For entrepreneurs wishing to take the first steps of business ownership, Pete gives practical, real-world guidance in avoiding the serious pitfalls the usually haunt a new business. Pete also works with small company owners as well as corporate leaders of struggling and low-performing businesses, to hone in on what is holding them back. Offering advice on strategic solutions Pete addresses areas of ill-performing company operations, breakdowns in employee moral and leadership growth opportunities.

For those individuals seeking to find the pathway to better personal success, Pete Hajjar’s consulting services are a way to ascertain the strength and confidence to get them from entry-level positioning to finding their place at the boardroom table.

With Pete there is no hurdle too great too overcome or no excuse to good to keep you from succeeding.

Business Consulting Services

One-on-One Consulting (tailored to your needs)

One of the best, most effective ways to get your dreams off the ground or to the next level is by working with Pete Hajjar one on one. With a “tell it like it is” but, compassionate consulting style, Pete’s goal is to see you meet your goals in the most efficient, effective and economic ways. Offering on-site and phone sessions each month, you will find your career and business progression dynamically increased with the tools and action steps Pete Hajjar provides.

Through Pete’s unique style, he will:

  • Assess and define what your goals are.
  • Develop a road map to help you achieve your goals.
  • Place you on the right trajectory to make your business soar.
  • Monitor, measure, and keep you accountable through an online system.
  • Provide “best practice” advisement based on proven systems and real world results.

Want to Learn More about our On-Site Consulting?

Each year thousands of companies go under, all the while seeing the warning signs ahead. Often business owners and managers are just too ill equipped, under-trained or overwhelmed to:

  • Accurately access areas of trouble.
  • Efficiently provide a resolution strategy.
  • Encompass the strength to make the difficult decisions.

Sometimes the emotional investment of business owners can be the biggest blind spot to increasing profits and enhancing company growth. Pete Hajjar can bring an objective, levelheaded perspective to help you gauge and make the difficult business decisions. Through Pete’s 31 years of experience and consulting expertise, he can provide your company with:

  • A clear, detailed assessment of ill-performing business areas.
  • A plan of action as to what it will take to get your company back on its feet.
  • A set of accurate accountability measures.
  • A strategic plan of re-building the company’s standing.
  • A set of goals for continued growth and increased profitability.

If you are interested in Pete Hajjar’s consultant services