Pete Hajjar

When you first meet Pete Hajjar, you will feel like you have met a new friend. But more then that, you have met the ultimate business coach.

Pete’s career story is one fit for a novel. From the beginning, it seemed the cards were stacked against Pete Hajjar. Born in Detroit, Michigan (the Motor City), Pete was abandoned by his father at a young age. Pete experienced first-hand growing up on public assistance while his single mother worked to provide for the family. Pete Hajjar struggled in scholl suffering from both Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder only to fail out of college after four attempts.

It appeared that Pete was on the path to nowhere. However, Pete Hajjar had a dream to become a successful entrepreneur.

Pete's Background

With an aptitude for business, math and science, Pete landed in the highly competitive automotive manufacturing industry developing engineered quality-control systems for manufacturers in North American and Europe. His clients were some of the world’s most renowned carmakers including: Chrysler, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Volvo, Audi and Daimler Benz.

With a gift of intuition for business growth, Pete has gone on to start, grow and sell four businesses producing revenues of over $90 million during the last 31 years.

And while business ownership has meant great success for Pete Hajjar, it can also have its pitfalls for even the savviest entrepreneurs. Pete learned this lesson the hard way when in 2003, after experiencing great personal success, he found his second company bankrupt due to not having his business properly protected.

"While I learned great skills and tremendous experience with my successful businesses, I learned my best lessons from that failure," says Pete Hajjar.

In 2009, Pete Hajjar partnered with Wes Thornton, to create Reliable Restoration, a number one, disaster restoration company whose brand is nationally recognized. With the guidance of Pete Hajjar (and the support of Pete’s wife of 31 years, Kim), Reliable Restoration saw a successful revenue of over $20 million.

Taking his next step forward, to give back to the community, Pete Hajjar has created Prime Business Advisors. Through Prime Business Advisors, Pete is able to harness his acute business acumen and 31 years entrepreneurship experience to help other future and present business owners acquire their dreams of successful business ownership.

Mike Sherwood

Mike grew up from humble beginnings in St. Paul, Minnesota. He experienced his share of frigid nights with an empty fuel tank in the basement as a child. He would accompany his Mother every week on a city bus to the local laundromat on many a cold night not having a washer and dryer at home. Being the youngest of three children in tough circumstances, there would be no money for higher education. He put himself through college often working multiple jobs, working at the University and taking loans. But the start was a difficult one when his Mother passed away Christmas Night during his first semester of freshmen year. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree, majoring in Economics, Business and Political Science. He was very involved in campus organizations and received several awards including the University President Award for Student Leadership.

Mike began his career as a management trainee with Carnation Foods. Over the years he’s worked with leading Fortune 500 Food & Beverage companies to high revenue private companies. To date his journey has taken throughout the United States from Minnesota with stops living and working in Chicago, Southern California, South Carolina, Florida and Atlanta. He’s lived and learned about different cultures, communities and taking the best from his diverse experiences.

Collaborative and innovative, he helps organizations take the best from their company’s beginnings and helps them embrace new ever-changing environments and develop new processes and strategies to grow and prosper.

Mike’s areas of expertise are; sales growth, strategic planning, marketing, leadership development, training and coaching as well as operations and change management. He possesses exceptional personal communications skills combined with his passion for building meaningful, profitable and strategic relationships with customers where both sides benefit. Focusing on strong foundations that prove sustainable over the long run. Mike brings high energy to any environment. He helps organizations and people prepare and thrive in our constant change and disruptive environments.

Successful business ownership is not a pipe dream. Whether your desire is chasing the dream of business ownership, keeping the dream alive for your struggling business or inspiring your company's dream team, Prime Business Advisors can help you reach your goals.