CONSISTENT REVENUE is not a pipe dream. Get off the REVENUE ROLLERCOASTER  by increasing sales with an infinite lead stream. Prime Business Advisors can help you reach your goals.

Pete Hajjar, the driving force and consultant for Prime Business Advisors, is a proven expert at business growth and profit. In a span of thirty years, Pete has started, grown and sold four companies with local, national and international brand recognition; each grossing millions in revenue.

Seminars - For Profit and Growth

In Pete Hajjar’s one-of-a-kind seminars, small company owners and business professionals can gain insights into growing a business from idea to profitability, practical solutions for marketing and sales excellence, and creating an uplifting culture that inspires employee engagement and retention.

Business Consulting Services

Pete Hajjar’s diverse service industry background coupled with over 31 years’ experience as a dynamic entrepreneur has made him an expert consultant. With Pete there is no hurdle to great to overcome or no excuse to good to keep you from succeeding.

Keynote Speaking Services

When it comes to rallying a team to improve customer service, build better team relationships or identify strategies for greater company growth, Pete Hajjar walks the talk. Pete can inspire your company, organization, association or club to literally reach for the stars.

As experts in growth and profit, imagine what we can do for your business